The Playtop granules mixer allows you to create bespoke colour blends for presentation to customers and specifiers.

Creating a bespoke mix

Bespoke mixes can be created by selecting the number of parts required of each colour, or instead by selecting 1 part of all the colours required, then adjusting the percentage of each to create the perfect look. It is easiest to use parts where an equal quantity of each colour is required.

  1. To select the first colour required, simply hold down the left hand mouse button and move the mouse to the left or the right to scroll though the available colours. Stop when the required colour is selected and add the number of parts required.
  2. Repeat until all of the colours required have been added to the mixer.
  3. If equal parts are required for each colour, your bespoke mix is now complete.
  4. If the mix requires unequal quantities of each colour, please select ‘% adjust colour mix’ from the bottom left hand panel menu line. Adjust the percentages as required, then select 'accept mix’.

Other features

Once you have finalised your bespoke mix, you can ‘create an enquiry’ which will send the bespoke blend and your enquiry details to Playtop, or instead you can select ‘PDF export’ to create a PDF showing full details of the bespoke mix (ideal for sending to specifiers and customers and inclusion within tender documents).