Playtop and the Planet

Playtop give maximum consideration to the environment and to the planet of future generations

Intelligently Green

Sustainable solutions

New technologies, innovative processes and sparkling creativity enable us to recycle responsibly, exceeding the criteria of global environmental standards.

Playtop is committed to being the surfacing industry’s green leader. Through the development of new technologies and innovative processes, incorporate recycled rubber into our great variety of surfacing systems, removing these from the waste stream and prolonging their life cycle.

Playtop processes almost 20,000 Tonnes of REACH compliant end of life bus and truck tyres. The clean rubber from this process is used as the base layer for Playtop’s high-quality playground and recreational systems. Meanwhile, all steel is separated and given new life as reinforcement fibres in industrial concrete flooring or smelted to produce cast iron products such as road manhole covers.

All tyres processed in our plant are 100% recycled and reused.

Playtop reinforces its environmental commitment through our close partnership with Nike. Here, Playtop incorporates used and ground-up sports shoes and incorporates them in our great variety of surfaces – a flooring product which when blended with Playtop EPDM recycled rubber, will give our extremely durable surfaces an attractive and speckled look. We call this unique product, Playtop with Nike Grind.

Through Playtop with Nike Grind, we not only support Nike in their mission to give new life to waste material and to work towards a zero-waste future, but we also are determined to spread global awareness of the importance of recycling and waste reduction to both public administrators and educational entities. We believe that this is best done best by leading by example.

We join our global partner Nike in a vision of a zero-waste future, but in fact, the true environmentalists are all those customers around the world who every day choose to use Playtop recycled rubber flooring products as their preferred surfacing solution.